Goldman Sachs Announces ‘Flexible Dress Code,’ Bros Confused


Pry this pocket square from my cold dead hands, Goldman.
Photo: Astrakan Images/Getty Images/Cultura RF

Goldman Sachs employees may now live every day as if it were summer Friday: On Tuesday, the bank’s top three execs sent around a company-wide email announcing the dawn of a “flexible dress code” policy. They failed to define “flexible,” however, and all that creative license reportedly has finance bros feeling flummoxed, perhaps even a little panicked.

“Given our one firm philosophy and the changing nature of workplaces generally in favor of a more casual environment, we believe this is the right time to move to a firmwide flexible dress code,” read the email, according to Bloomberg. Emphasizing that the client’s comfort is king, the bosses asked employees to “exercise good judgment” in their selections. “All of us know what it and is not appropriate for the workplace.”

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