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The questions

1 Who was declared Prince of Wales in 1400?
2 Which novel is named after a pub on Bodmin Moor?
3 On which planet is a day longer than a year?
4 Which relative of the giraffe was unknown to science until 1901?
5 What is the only city on the River Shannon?
6 What spiritual movement was founded in 1990s China by Li Hongzhi?
7 And His Mother Called Him Bill was Duke Ellington’s tribute to which collaborator?
8 A cephalophore is a saint depicted carrying what?
What links:
9 Wallaroos; Black Ferns; Red Roses?
10 Jugendstil; Sezessionstil; Stile Liberty; Modernismo?
11 Tom Sutcliffe; Nick Clarke; Gordon Clough; Gilbert Harding (originally)?
12 Radiohead’s fourth album; Scary; Sporty; Jack Black band; NWA founder?
13 Janeway; Sisko; Archer; Pike; Picard; Kirk?
14 Chukchi; East Siberian; Laptev; Kara; Barents; White; Beaufort?
15 Mary (The Modern…) and Percy (…Unbound)?

Torre de la Creu in Saint Joan Despí, Catalonia.

Torre de la Creu in Despi, Catalonia. Photograph: Alamy

The answers

1 Owain Glyndwr.
2 Jamaica Inn (Daphne du Maurier).
3 Venus.
4 Okapi.
5 Limerick.
6 Falun Gong.
7 Billy Strayhorn.
8 His or her head.
9 Women’s rugby union team nicknames: Australia; New Zealand; England.
10 International names for art nouveau: Germany; Austria; Italy; Spain.
11 Round Britain Quiz hosts.
12 Musical alphabet: Kid A; Mel B; Mel C; Tenacious D; Eazy-E.
13 Captains in Star Trek series: Voyager; Deep Space Nine; Enterprise; Discovery; Next Generation; original.
14 Marginal seas of Arctic Ocean.
15 Prometheus in Shelley family works: Frankenstein subtitle; lyrical drama.

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