Interview with L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Shreya Mantha


“Surround yourself with people who want to support you and are willing to work with you.”
Photo: Courtesy of Shreya Matha

As far as impressive college essays go, Shreya Mantha probably has a lot of her peers beat. When she was just 14 years old, she started her own nonprofit called Foundation for Girls. Her goal was to give resources, education, and support to girls who were at risk of falling into sex trafficking. Last year, she was one of the honorees of the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth program, the company’s signature philanthropic program, which is guided by their tagline: “Because you’re worth it.” The Cut spoke with Mantha about the long process of getting a nonprofit off the ground, the inspiration she draws from the women around her, and the misconceptions she wishes to dispel about sex trafficking.

What was a particularly challenging aspect of getting Foundation for Girls off the ground? How did you eventually succeed?

At the beginning, there were three things that were particularly difficult. One, being young. Starting off at the age that I did, a lot of people didn’t really believe that a young person, and a young girl specifically, could actually make a difference. But as people saw Foundation for Girls starting to grow and impact the lives of girls who were homeless or trafficking survivors or teen moms or foster-care abuse survivors — when they actually saw the impact of the work we were doing — they started believing that yes, young people could make a difference.

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